Some of images used on this blog are not mine nor do I own the rights to. Therefore, if I have offended you by using an image of yours in a way you do not approve of, please feel free to contact me and I shall try to correct the issue. 

Welcome to Aniphilogos: the blog for Analytism, a long time anime lover, mid-term anime blog reader and now newbie wordpress blogger. Analytism has always loved to watch anime and has a quite varied tastes; from Shoujo to Seinen to Mystery to Romantic Comedies – so he will comment on different types of anime however, He generally does not approach Magic Girl anime even with a barge pole. He does have a love for manga. Also, he will always look for anime with a detailed story however these tend to fade into obscurity. Analytism’s favourite shows are those subtle animes with complex themes, the one’s that normally have some meaning beyond the basic aesthetic. Not to say he will conflate everything because for the most part, anime should be taken at face value but every so often, we do get an anime that requires us to think on its words and story to fully understand what occurs. That isn’t to say though, that he does not watch your typical anime, because he does – in mass – however, he finds his inner nerd is most indulged by an anime that requires the viewer to ponder on what’s happening to understand where the show is going. In any case, Analytism thought would this blog would be a great way to combine his love of reading, writing, anime, art and discussion.

In Analytism’s posts, unless it would just be contrived, he will always try to talk about some sort of aspect which goes beyond the basic aesthetic of the show – anime is just a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs with just a bit more creative freedom, therefore why should it not have its own complexities just like its authors and readers do? This may explain Analytism’s blog name and description but its horribly vague so he understands if it makes no sense to most people.

When he isn’t stalking others on WordPress or procrastinating watching anime, Analytism can be found primarily at work, failing that: buried in philosophy books (for fun…?) and failing those: studying (as a med student). Studying probably shouldn’t be at the bottom of his priority list though… If none of those pan out he is most likely doing whatever other random tid bits catch his attention. Blogging would be one of these  – so this will be another hobby of his, focused around anime, the ani-community and Japanese culture.

Analytism does love feedback whether it is good or bad and so, he encourages any of his readers, whether frequent or not, to give their 2 cents in anything he writes. If you have anything to ask me, you can post on this page or if you would rather it be more direct, head over to the Contact Me page and send me an email.

NB: Analytism likes speaking in the third person…


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Oh in 3rd person like Ceasar? So are you involved with classical studies, if I judge from your blog’s name?

    I’ll keep an eye on your blog 🙂 Seems it’ll be interesting. And sice 2DT made the honour of co-writing, it means he has ‘great hopes’ in you 😉

    • Exactly like Ceasar 😉 I don’t currently do classical studies but I have done classics in the past. You would judge correctly though, I do wonder if anyone will be able to guess what my blog’s name is about… Without the google search :p

      Well thank you. I don’t know about ‘great hopes’. If you ask, you get, I guess. He certainly did do me a great pleasure in writing with me though. 🙂

      Great blog yourself, looks pretty diverse if not interesting. I’ll probably keep an eye on yours myself!

      • thanks! it’s not very often I get compliments about our blog – me and my boyfriend co-write.

        I’m Greek btw, that’s why I could understand your blog’s name meaning 😉

  2. Im glad to see someone which just started a blog, just like me. You should start by summarizing anime that you are interested in and are currently airing, just like you did with Another. Good luck on your further posts, I will be reading them 🙂

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